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  Meta Modern Era

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Meta Modern Era - $43.00 (includes shipping and handling)

The Spritual Book of the 21st Century

"Shri Mataji's discovery brings genuine hope to humanity."
-- Claes Nobel, Chairman of United Earth.

Loving, compelling and powerful, Meta Modern Era introduces a tangible spiritual breakthrough for the 21st century - spontaneous Self Realization through Sahaja Yoga meditation - which opens a new dimension to human awareness.

Written by Nobel Peace Prize nominee and one of the greatest voices on spirituality today - H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - the book offers stunningly deep insights on the crises of our modern times and the solutions to their root problems.

 (available after July 1st, 2005)
The Third Advent

The Third Advent The Third Advent is a history of the last 6000 years, in which the author shows why the great religions, philosophies and economic systems of the world have all failed to 'deliver the goods' as it were. He goes on to show that it is only through individual transformation, that mankind can make the changes necessary to save itself and the world.

In this context, the book presents a message of great hope, that through the unique discovery of en masse Self-realization through Sahaja Yoga. The Third Advent illustrates the possibilities for transformation both at individual and corporate levels.
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The Advent

The Advent The Advent, an account of the author's experiences, was first published, privately in 1979 in India. It quickly went out of print, and unaccountably, the English language version in which it was first written, remained out of print for over 15 years.

The book is a 'must read' for any student of Sahaja Yoga. It is a revolutionary book, the first to propose and describe a new category of perception, vibratory awareness, beyond thought, feelings or instinct, by which all kinds of absolute questions are answered.
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