Ongoing Projects of Sahaja Yoga

International Sahaja Yoga Book Project

This project was personally approved by Shri Mataji in 2003, and has been in progress since September of that year.

To publish internationally in mainstream bookshops, between 10 and 11 books by Parampujya H.H, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The books will be initially published by daisyamerica LLC and then through an expanding network.

This will allow the general reading public, many of whom may never attend a Sahaja Yoga meeting, to have access to Shri Mataji's teachings and insights. It will enable such readers to experience Self-realization and later, if they so wish, to connect to the Sahaja collective.

A team of Sahaja Yogis, from numerous countries have begun to produce new, accurately verified transcriptions from the large body of Shri Mataji's talks in the English language, currently in audio and video format.

From these transcripts, editors will compile books on various topics as suggested by the following provisional titles:

  1. An Introduction to Sahaja Yoga
  2. The Keeper at the Gate - (Innocence and Wisdom, Shri Ganesha and Lord Jesus Christ)
  3. How to be your own Guru (Adiguru Datatreya)
  4. The Cool Fire (Kundalini and Self-realization)
  5. The Inner World (The Subtle System and Chakras)
  6. The Praxis of Transformation (Clearing Techniques, Balance, How to Meditate, How to Introspect)
  7. The Enlightened Mind (The Buddha, Buddhism and Hamsa)
  8. The Pantheon of Light (The Deities)
  9. Fortune and Misfortune of Religions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism)
  10. A Day Book (Random quotes from Shri Mataji's Talks)

Alan Wherry from New York is Director of the project; Ken Williams, from London, UK, is the leading Managing Editor. Shruti Gupta and Ann Capazzoli, both from New York, and Anton Grabmayer from Austria are also Managing Editors and are heading up teams of Yogis, working in pairs, for the initial transcription phase of the project.

Team members must be established Sahaja Yogis, with balance, good hamsa qualities and a working knowledge of Sahaj terms. They must be able to work with accuracy in the English language.

From the completed body of transcriptions, editors will compile books on the above topics into a cohesive whole with the essence of the work being that it can be read, understood and enjoyed by a reader with no previous knowledge of Sahaja Yoga.

Each book will finally be reviewed by David Spiro and Grégoire de Kalbermatten before going to press.

The intention is to accurately transcribe as many talks as possible that were given in the English language so that an important resource is created as a by product, that will be available to researchers, academics and to countries who wish to translate transcripts of talks into other languages.

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